Diasporican Art in Motion

Perla de Leon, "Going to Work", 1980
Puerto Rican artists have been at the forefront of community-based socio-political movements and institution-building, over the course of a century-long migration to the U.S. Our Diasporican Art in Motion (DAM) initiative is a digital archive and community mapping project seeking to document the impact of migration on Puerto Rican visual culture and community-building through in-depth profiles of contemporary diasporic Puerto Rican visual artists. This community of artists is understudied and as a result, they are underrepresented in the Arts field. Their underrepresentation stems from the fact that diasporic Puerto Rican visual artists often fall outside the boundaries of American, Latin American, and Caribbean art. Moreover, their uniqueness and singular contributions to the arts are overshadowed and diluted by their lack of exposure in sanctioning academic fields and institutions. In this first phase, we will be featuring a monthly artist on our new website and social media platforms. The selection of artists will be made by an advisory committee of scholars and museum professionals. Each entry will contain a brief biography, artist statement, a selection of representative work, and intellectual content created by or about them.

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