Anthony R. Tirado


My art is a portal to the history and the memories of Puerto Ricans through my eyes. It is designed to start conversations about our past, present and future.

I am a Puerto Rican artist/dancer from the bronx. I started as a professional dancer in salsa/house/break dancing. It wasn't until my back injury that I decided to follow my creative heart. My father was a very creative artist and my mom a great dancer, so this explained my passion for the arts. It's been 7 years now since I started my journey into turning my visions into realistic art pieces. All My art pieces are fueled from my trauma and the history of my people. My goal is to show my work around the world and create conversations about who we are now, instead of focusing on what we were.

Anthony R. Tirado. Walter Mercado Statue with PR Cape, 8 x 2.5 inches, Acrylic paint, 3D sculpted using Zbrush and 3D printed using Phrozen Mighty 4K resin machine, Cape made of Fabric 9 x 5 inches, cape designed by: Virginia Figueria Davila (Imperial California), Photo courtesy of the artist.