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Centro Publications engage in the fields of Puerto Rican, Latino, and American Studies. By taking advantage of our vast archival resources and connections in the Puerto Rican community, we disseminate crucial information about the Puerto Rican experience and contribution to the political, economic, and social cultures of the United States.

Centro Publications

Publications from the Center for Puerto Rican Studies explore the Puerto Rican diaspora, but also Puerto Rico. They showcase the latest research in a range of disciplines and are presented in a variety of formats; from the pre-eminent journal in the field, to scholarly books and a digital humanities journal, and a current affairs magazine. Centro Publications’ commitment to scholarship and its dissemination continues to expand as the field of Puerto Rican Studies develops in new directions.

Centro Journal

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The leading peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated entirely to the field of Puerto Rican Studies. The journal—published continuously since 1987—is dedicated to publishing the latest work from scholars in a wide range of academic traditions, in order to enhance and advance the field of Puerto Rican Studies.




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Centro Press

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Centro Press was officially started in 2014. It is the academic book publishing arm of Centro. The press publishes original work by researchers, collections of essays, and memoirs that enhance the understanding of Puerto Ricans in the United States as well as on the Island.

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Centro Media

Since its founding as a Task Force in 1974, Centro Media has covered diverse topics in the diaspora and within the archipelago including Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, Puerto Rican pioneers, diaspora musicians and artists, and the socio-economic systems within the U.S. and in Puerto Rico among many other topics, as well as documenting the work of CENTRO. With a diverse group of media professionals at its disposal, including animators, graphic artists, documentary filmmakers, journalists, and content creators, they are invested in ensuring that their reach widens and evolves with the diaspora.

Puerto Rican Voices

The TV show Puerto Rican Voices has in the past featured individual portraits of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora and in the aftermath of hurricane María it documented stories of resilience in Puerto Rico. This new season will focus on investigative storytelling, looking at the Puerto Rican experience through a transnational lens, building a bridge between the diaspora, and the archipelago. Our purpose is to cover themes of actuality based on new migration patterns, population shifts, transformations in racial identity, new queer expressions, and the impact of the economic crisis and ongoing disasters and pandemics.

Documentaries & Film

Centro Documentaries contain useful tools for teaching about Puerto Ricans in the United States through the lives and work of notable Puerto Ricans who made a difference. Established in 1983 with the production of "Manos a la Obra: The Story of Operation Bootstrap", directed by Pedro Angel Rivera and Susan Zeig, Centro Documentaries has produced short and long format nonfiction narrative work on diverse topics including "Plena is Work, Plena is Song" (1991), "Clemente Soto Vélez: A Revolt Through Letters" (2014 CONFIRM), and "American Poet Tato Laviera" (2019).