Artist Luis Stephenberg photographed by Didiana Peralta

Luis Stephenberg Alers


Luis Stephenberg Alers was raised in Puerto Rico. He graduated from the Puerto Rican Culture Institute School of Fine Arts, and earned a Master’s degree in painting from the Instituto Allende, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico. Since the beginning of his career in the arts, he showed an interest in an experimental and mixed media practice, which he has maintained throughout his professional development. Later in his career he integrated electronic images as visual objects. In the 1970s, with a focused interest in conceptual art, he became co-founder of the Movimiento Sintesista Actualizado in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Manifestación Internacional Sintesista for the Arts, at the Human Solidarity School on Suffolk Street, in New York City. He is founder one of The Bronx Hispanic Festival and co-founder/former director of The Latin American Art Biennial in Bronx, NY - now NY Latin American Art Triennial.

Stephenberg’s works represent the visual expression of particular historical moments. He uses many materials as well as installations exploring communication between people and cultures, also as a method for documenting and memorializing past events throughout language. His works investigate the development of art as “idea” and engages the viewer in an examination of his or her life in relation to the events portrayed. Luis lives in New York, where he’s participated in several national and international shows. He also is a curator/alternative exhibit space developer focused on community oriented projects 

Luis Stephenberg. Archetype, 2010. Coffee grinning (photo archive reference 1915), Industrial paint on burlap, wood, rope, and television. 8'x11'. Photograph courtesy of the artist.