Diego Antonio Espaillat


Diego Espaillat is interested in making art that is equally accessible and odd. Art that is kitsch, formal and energetic. Diego works with mask’s, hookahs, globes, Taino gods and simple shapes. His material of choice is paper, layering pieces over molds until a solid paper shell has the appearance of a given object. Then through sculptural collage they’re fused together into new combinations that work outwardly about issues and interests of authenticity, the value of objects, the claiming of heritage, and identity. 

Diego Espaillat b.1994 in NYC, is a Dominican, Puerto Rican and American artist. Diego graduated from Lyme Academy (2017) with a sculpture BFA. After school he traveled to the Caribbean to meet and apprentice with folk artisans. Diego was artist in residence at Flux Factory in 2021. In 2022 he was included in the group show “Pal Patio” at Calderon Gallery, the catalog has been included in several libraries such as NYU School of Art and the Smithsonian. In February of 2023 Diego will make his international debut in a group show with Deli gallery in Mexico City.

Diego Antonio Espaillat. Cabeza De Vaca, 2021. Newspaper, craft paper, paint, latex paint, 23" x 23" x 19". Photograph is courtesy of the artist.