Isabela Miñana Lovelace


Isabela Miñana Lovelace was born in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Brown University with degrees in Visual Art with Honors and Geological Sciences. Her work is heavily influenced by disasters, especially the impact of earthquakes, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, mudslides and fires. In her work, she explores the themes of comfort, home, connection, and materiality in relation to disaster. Lovelace’s work has been included in various group exhibitions, such as “The Juried Art Show” at the Granoff Center, curated by David Antonio Cruz and Akiko Ichikawa. For her 2020 solo show, she embellished comforters with beads and recycled produce nets to create associations with materials and allude to the presence of the body.

Un Edredón para los Turistas by Isabela Miñana Lovelace. Comforter, tarp bag, beads, canvas thread, produce nets, 75"x 53", 2020.