Centro's research unit is an interdisciplinary hub that brings together students, scholars, and community partners to investigate urgent themes facing our communities. Over the past decades our scholars have produced benchmark publications that have transformed the field of Puerto Rican Studies and timely reports that have shaped national debate, most recently in regard to Puerto Rico's economic crisis, austerity politics, post-disaster migration and hurricane recovery.

Data Hub

CENTRO'S Data Hub generates robust research and analysis using publicly available data, like the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies to provide information to scholars, policy makers and the public in general. Our interactive reports use data visualization tools and web maps to illustrate major points and changes within the Puerto Rican population. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the data hub has extended research priorities to the impacts of Hurricane(s) Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican diaspora, by disseminating research and policy briefs and other relevant information about the ongoing economic crisis and post-disaster recovery. Our Hub offers a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with outside researchers on investigations, publications, and events.

Public Humanities Lab

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CENTRO’s Public Humanities Lab is a space where researchers, students, and practitioners in the humanities and the humanistic social sciences who are interested in Puerto Rico and its diaspora can participate in collaborative research that engages with diverse publics. Our programming, as well as our digital initiatives, aims to bring this groundbreaking research to life and encourage community engagement and learning.

Arts & Culture Hub

CENTRO's Arts and Culture Hub serves both the research process of creators and those researchers who are involved in the study of the artistic and cultural manifestations of Puerto Ricans. At the same time, it impacts other CENTRO units from a humanistic perspective while promoting the relationship with Puerto Rican cultural institutions in the archipelago and the diaspora.

Disaster Resource Hub

Hurricane Fiona made landfall on September 19, 2022 and struck Puerto Rico’s southwest coastal municipalities leaving millions without power and inundating communities. The storm arrived five years after the island experienced the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and two years after earthquakes caused massive damage to the southwest coast. This page…

Bridging the Divides

CENTRO seeks to convene a broad array of researchers, writers, thinkers, and creators from across Puerto Rico’s geographic communities for collaborative study about our collective future. Building on our 50-year legacy of collaborative and interdisciplinary research, the goal is to create benchmark publications, media products, and artistic projects that can help…

 Census of Puerto Rican Schools

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies and El Puente-Enlace Latino de Acción Climática are carrying out an independent census of open and closed public schools in Puerto Rico. This will allow an open georeferenced database that is accessible and available to further research and accountability of the deterioration and privatization…

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