Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez / FEEGZ

My work conveys my anxiety and thrill regarding history, how that history manifests in the present and presents implications for the future. I explore this through my love for critical thinking, culture, religion, language and debate. I mainly use spray paint markers, printmaking, and found objects to visually lay out my thought process on various types of surfaces. It results as a visual collage of arguments or messages that typically have an adverse stance on history and its conventional ideas.

Caribbean New Yorker, Parent, Partner, Atheist on some days, Non-Theist Agnostic on others, Apostate, Leftist, Socialist, Agitatating, Ethical Polyamorist, OCD having, HS dropout, Autodidact, Educator, Debater, white people fearing, All people loving, Queerish, lactose intolerant Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream devouring, Marijuana Advocating, Hip Hop, Sneaker, Comic and Sci-fi loving non-Latino/a/x identifying Dominican Puerto Rican Interdisciplinary Artist born on a military base in North Carolina in 1976. Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez a.k.a FEEGZ, Figaro & Firo173 has exhibited in a bunch of spaces nationally and internationally including Centro Leon Museum, The Studio Museum in Harlem, The Latinx Project at NYU, Centro Cultural De Espania DR, The Childrens Museum of Manhattan, The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture and El Museo Del Barrio, where his artwork is in the permanent collection. He teaches in NYC schools and other spaces through various organizations. He lives and works in Washington Heights NYC since 84.

The Lonely Taino Atheist Con Coro, Mixed Media, 2022. Photograph is courtesy of the artist.