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Memorias de Gilberto Gerena Valentin Soy Gilberto Gerena Valentín : memorias de un puertorriqueño en Nueva York , por Gilberto Gerena Valentín. Edición de Carlos Rodríguez Fraticelli ISBN: 978-1-878483-64-5 $24.99 paper To Order the book: Click Here also avilable on EPUB - and Kindle Tabla de Contenido Para mas información comuníquese via Email a centrops@hunter.cuny.edu About the Author Autor y...Read more
Gilberto Gerena Valentín: My Life as a Community Activist, Labor Organizer, and Progressive Politician in New York City . Gerena Valentín is a key figure in the development of the Puerto Rican community in the United States, especially from the 1940s through the 1970s. He played an active part in the founding and development of all the major Puerto Rican organizations in the postwar period. He...Read more
The Stories I Read to the Children The Life and Writing of Pura Belpré, the Legendary Storyteller, Children’s Author, and New York Public Librarian Selected, Edited, and Biographical Introduction by Lisa Sánchez González ISBN: 978-1-878483-80-5 $24.99 paper To Order the book: Click Here Allso avialable in Kindle Edition About the Author Lisa Sánchez González lives in an enchanted forest, where...Read more