Centro Journal 11, no. 2 (Spring 2000)

Centro Journal 11, no. 2 (Spring 2000)


Indigenous Hawaiians Under Statehood: Lessons for Puerto Rico
José Luis Morín

Género y Nacionalismo: Los discursos de oposición a la esterilización femenina en la prensa puertorriqueña (1940-1975)
Lourdes Lugo-Ortíz

The Rise and Fall of Section 936: The Historical Context and Possible Consequences for Migration
Sherrie L. Baver

Sacred Expressions of the Popular: An Examination Of Los Hermanos Penitentes of New Mexico and Los Hermanos Cheos of Puerto Rico
Alberto López Pulido

A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Los Angeles Chicano and Nuyorican Engagement with Rock and Roll
Deborah Pacini Hernández

On Being Puerto Rican: Report from the Eastern Front
Abraham Rodríguez, Jr.

Dan Wakefield

Long Night’s Journey
Dan Wakefield

Vieques: Message from Camp Garcia 
Juan Guisti Cordero