Centro Journal 32, no.2 (SUMMER 2020)



New York, Puerto Rico and Cuba’s Latin Music Scenes and the Emergence of Salsa Music: A Comparative Analysis by Omar Ruiz Vega

Representaciones sonoras: masculinidades y música popular en la colección de John Alden Mason, 1914-1915 by Hugo René Viera Vargas

Back-and-Forth: Between Krash Klub and Grindr by Regner Ramos

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) among Island-based Puerto Ricans Adults: Revisiting Healthcare Access Following the Affordable Care Act by Leonell Torres-Pagán, Kristina M. Nieves-Quiñones, Bozena J. Katic, Tailisha Gonzalez and Yarimar Rosa-Rodríguez


Art as History in The Barrio, in Puerto Rico and Beyond: Interview with Diógenes Ballester

Carlos Rivera Santana and Claudia Díaz

Book Reviews

Borderline Citizens: The United States, Puerto Rico, and the Politics of Colonial Migration,

by Robert C. McGreevey

Reviewed by Daniel Acosta Elkan

Navigating Teacher Education in Complex and Uncertain Times: Connecting Communities of Practice in a Borderless World, by Carmen I. Mercado

Reviewed by Abdín Noboa-Ríos

Tourism and Language in Vieques: Ethnography of the Post-Navy Period, by Luis Galanes Valldejuli

Reviewed by Yolanda Rivera Castillo

Ricanness: Enduring Time in Anticolonial Performance, by Sandra Ruiz

Reviewed by Marisol LeBrón