Centro Journal 20, no. 2 (Fall 2008)

Centro Journal 20, no. 2 (Fall 2008)


Slippery semantics: Race talk and everyday uses of racial terminology in Puerto Rico
Isar P. Godreau

De la disco al caserío : Urban spatial aesthetics and policy to the beat of reggaetón
Zaire Zenit Dinzey-Flores

Deluxe squatters in Puerto Rico: The case of La Parguera’s casetas
Rima Brusi-Gil de Lamadrid

Entrevista a Fernando Picó
Marisa Pérez Domínguez

Celebrating the colonial nation in San Germán’s Patron Saint Festivities, 1950s
Antonio Sotomayor-Carlo

The Development Bank and the initial failure of the industrial program in Puerto Rico, 1942–1948
José L. Bolivar

Usmaíl: Pedro Juan Soto’s classic Vieques novel: An interview with Charley Connelly and Myrna Pagán
Katherine T. McCaffrey

Ernesto Quiñonez’s fiction seen as a picaresque narrative
Ignacio F. Rodeño Iturriaga

La otra cara de la historia y el teatro popular puertorriqueño: El Tajo del Alacrán de Lydia Milagros González
Carlos Manuel Rivera

An astounding treasure: Dual language education in a public school setting
Susana C. DeJesús

DIÁLOGO: The mtDNA debate: A diálogo on “How important is it?”

Amerindian mtDNA in Puerto Rico: When does DNA matter?
Jorge Estevez

Amerindian mtDNA does not matter: A reply to Jorge Estevez and the privileging of a Taíno identity in the Spanish Caribbean
Gabriel Haslip-Viera


Latina Girls: Voices of Adolescent Strength in the United States
Edited by Jill Denner and Bianca Guzman
Reviewed by Ana Yolanda Ramos-Zayas

Puerto Rican Poetry, An Anthology from Aboriginal to Contemporary Times 
Edited and Translated by Roberto Márquez 
Reviewed by Alan West-Durán

Boricua Power: A Political History of Puerto Ricans in the United States
By José Ramón Sánchez
Reviewed by Aldo Lauria Santiago

Extended Statehood in the Caribbean: Paradoxes of Quasi Colonialism, Local Autonomy and Extended Statehood in the USA, French, Dutch and British Caribbean
Edited by Lammert de Jong and Dirk Kruijt
Reviewed by Aarón Gamaliel Ramos

The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States & the Philippines 
By Paul A. Kramer
Reviewed by Lanny Thompson

Barganing for Brooklyn: Community Organizations in the Entrepreneurial City 
By Nicole P. Marwell
Reviewed by José Ramón Sánchez

Spanish Harlem’s Musical Legacy: 1930–1980 
By Silvio H. Alava
Reviewed by José E. Cruz

His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S. 
By Geraldo Rivera
Reviewed by Howard Jordan

Los bembeteos de la plena puertorriqueña 
By Ramón López
Reviewed by Melanie Maldonado

Queer Latino Testimonio, Keith Haring, and Juanito Xtravaganza: Hard Tails 
By Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé
Reviewed by Juana María Rodríguez

¡Que el pueblo decida!: La gobernación de Roberto Sánchez Vilella 
By Ligia T. Domench Abreu 
Reviewed by Ángel Israel Rivera Ortiz