Centro Journal 22, no. 1 (Spring 2010)

Centro Journal 22, no. 1 (Spring 2010)


Guest Editors: Jorge Duany and Patricia Silver

The “Puerto Ricanization” of Florida: Historical Background and Current Status
[An Introduction]—Jorge Duany and Patricia Silver

La diáspora en la frontera: retos y oportunidades para el estudio del Orlando puertorriqueño
Luis Martínez-Fernández

“Culture Is More Than Bingo and Salsa”:  Making Puertorriqueñidad in Central Florida
Patricia Silver

The Orlando Ricans: Overlapping Identity Discourses Among Middle-Class Puerto Rican Immigrants
Jorge Duany

Negotiating Puerto Rican Identity in Central Florida and Online
Natalie M. Underberg

Puerto Rican Youth in Central Florida: Adaptation and Identity
Diana Ariza

Characteristics of Puerto Rican Homeowners in Florida and Their Likelihood of Homeownership
Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza

The Impact of Housing Segregation and Structural Factors on the Socioeconomic Performance of Puerto Ricans in the United States
William Vélez and Giovani Burgos

The Health Status of Puerto Ricans in Florida
Fernando I. Rivera and Giovani Burgos

Chasing the Florida Dream: Examining the Schooling Experiences of Puerto Rican Youth in a Large Comprehensive High School
James Sokolowski, René Antrop-González and Zoraida Maldonado

Barriers to Political Participation of Puerto Ricans and Hispanics in Osceola County, Florida: 1991–2007
José E. Cruz

Annotated Bibliography on Sources Regarding Puerto Ricans in Central Florida
Julio Raúl Firpo

Review Essay

Emerging Canons, Unfolding Ethnicities: The Future of U.S. Latino/a Literary Theory
A Companion to US Latino Literatures
Richard Perez

Book Reviews:

The New Puerto Rico? Identity, Hybridity and Transnationalism within the Puerto Rican Diaspora in Orlando, Florida, by Luis Sánchez (Deepak Lamba-Nieves)

When a Heart Turns Rock Solid: The Lives of Three Puerto Rican Brothers On and Off the Streets, by Timothy Black (Brian Montes)

The Teanants of East Harlem, by Russell Leigh Sherman (Victoria Santiago)

Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico by Ramón E. Soto-Crespo (Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo)

Colonial Crucible: Empire in the Making of the Modern American State, edited by Alfred W. McCoy & Francisco A. Scarano (José Anazagasty)

¡Llegó La Gringada!: El contexto social-militar Estadounidense en Puerto Rico y otros lugares del Caribe hasta 1919, by Héctor R. Marín Román (Sandra Pujals)

Packaged Vacations: Tourism Development in the Spanish Caribbean, by Evan R. Ward (Ricardo Pérez)

Creolizing Contradance in the Caribbean, edited by Peter Manuel (William Hope)

Reggaeton, edited by Raquel Z. Rivera, Wayne Marshall, and Deborah Pacini Hernandez (David F. García)