Centro Journal 2, no. 4 (Fall 1988)



A Community At Risk: The Health of Puerto Ricans

AIDS and the Latino Community
Emilio Carrillo

A Community At Risk: Puerto Ricans and Health, East Harlem 1929­1940
Nélida Pérez

The Reproductive Health of Latinas in New York City: Making a Difference at the Individual Level
Eugenia Acuña-Lillo

Labor Pains: Puerto Rican Males in Transition
Victor de la Cancela

MI GENTE INTERVIEW: Dr. Helen Rodríguez-Trias
Blanca Vázquez

Apuntes para el estudio de la crisis de salud en Puerto Rico
Nydza Correa de Jesús & Linda Colón Reyes

Barriers to the Timely Use of Prenatal Care Among Poor Non-White Women in New York City
Iris López

Teen Pregnancy: Propaganda and the Puerto Rican Adolescent
Lillian Martí

The Legacy of Arthur A. Schomburg
Victoria Ortíz