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Centro Journal Volume X - Number 1 & 2 (Fall 1998) 1898-1998 Part 1 (double issue) Fall 1998 Vol.X, No.1 & 2, 223 pages The Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the Status Issue under Spanish Rule: selected sources, 1892-1897 The 1897 Autonomous Charter Puerto Rican Perspectives on the United States Invasion Of Puerto Rico, 1898 La Entrega del Mando o Fin De Siglo: A play Critical of...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VIII - Number 1 & 2 (Spring 96) Race and Identity Spring 96 Vol.VIII Nos.1&2, double issue, 240 pages Un hombre (negro) del pueblo : José Barbosa and the Puerto Rican 'Race' Toward Whiteness Miriam Jiménez Román Domestic Work and Racial Divisions in Women's Employment in Puerto Rico, 1899-1930 Elizabeth Crespo Policing the Crisis in the 'Whitest' of the Antilles...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VII - Number 1 (Winter 94-95/Spring 95) Future Directions in Puerto Rican Studies Winter 94-95/Spring 95 Vol.VII,No.1,120 pages What's Yellow and White and Has Land All Around It? Appropriating Place in Puerto Rican Barrios Luis Aponte-Parés Linking a Fractured Past: The World of the Puerto Rican Old Left Roberto Rodríguez-Morazzani Resources of Hope: Imagining the Young...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VI - Number 1 & 2 (Spring 1994) OUT OF PRINT Puerto Ricans & AIDS: It's Time to Act! Spring 1994 Vol.VI, Nos.1&2 double issue,240 pages Trends in AIDS Mortality Rates Among Residents of Puerto Rico and Among Puerto Rican Immigrants and Other Hispanic Residents of NYC, 1981-1989 B. Menéndez et al. Modelo de adiestramiento de promotores de salud utilizando el...Read more
Centro Journal Volume V - Number 1 (Winter 1992-93) Puerto Rican Youth and Youth Culture #1 Winter 1992-93 Vol.V, No.1,120 pages "We Know What Time It Is": Youth Culture in the 90s George Lipsitz "Puerto Rican and Proud, Boyee!": Rap, Roots and Amnesia Juan Flores PORTFOLIO Jorge Veras MI GENTE Interview KMX Assault Blanca Vázquez, Juan Flores & Pablo Figueroa Rap Music in Puerto Rico: Mass...Read more
Centro Journal Volume IV - Number 2 (Spring-92) Spring 1992 Vol.IV,No.2,120 pages Smoke and Ash: A Latino Writer Looks Back at the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising Luis J. Rodríguez Dancing with Colonialism: The Current Plebiscite Debate in Puerto Rico as Crisis Management Kelvin Santiago-Valles La identidad especular del allá y del acá: nuestra propia imágen puertorriqueña en cuestión Alberto Sandoval-...Read more
Centro Journal Volume III - Number 2 (Spring 1991) Música: Alma del Pueblo Spring 1991 Vol.III,No.2,120 pages Editorial Cortijo's Revenge Juan Flores The Backstage View: Musicians Piece Together a Living Ruth Glasser La Plena Puertorriqueña: de la expresión popular a la comercialización musical Jorge Pérez MI GENTE INTERVIEWS: Andy and Jerry González Blanca Vázquez Latin Empire: Puerto Rap Juan...Read more
Centro Journal Volume II - Number 8 (Spring 1990) OUT OF PRINT Latino Film and Video Images Spring 1990 Vol.II,No.8,12 pages From Assimilation to Annihilation: Puerto Rican Images in U.S. Films Richie Pérez From the Margin to the Center: Puerto Rican Cinema in the United States Lillian Jiménez The Chicano Alternative Film Movement Tomás Ybarra Frausto The Latino "Boom" in Hollywood Film Coco...Read more
Centro Journal Volume II - Number 5 (Spring 1989) OUT OF PRINT Politics in the Puerto Rican Community Spring 1989 Vol.II No.5, 120 pages Ciencia y política en la lucha ambiental Neftalí García Puerto Ricans in New York: A Historical and Community Development Perspective Antonia Pantoja MI GENTE INTERVIEW Gilberto Gerena Valentín Amílcar Tirado Avilés Housing From the Past José Sánchez Latino...Read more
Centro Journal Volume II - Number 3 (Spring 1988) OUT OF PRINT Puerto Rican Culture Spring 1988 Vol. II No. 3, 104 pages Tato Laviera y Alurista: Hacia una poética bilingüe Francis R. Aparicio POETS IN PROFILE Robert Ortiz Melendez Bumbún and the Beginnings of Plena Juan Flores POETS IN PROFILE Suzana Cabañas, Louis Reyes Rivera, David Hernández, Sandra María Esteves, Luis J. Rodríguez, Jesús...Read more