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Centro Journal Volume XIII - Number 1 (Spring 2001) Spring 2001 Vol.XIII, No.1, 144 pages Conquering Categories: The Problem of Pre-History in Nineteenth Century Puerto Rico and Cuba Christopher Schimidt-Nowara From Sugar Plantations to Military Bases: The U.S. Navy's Expropriations in Vieques, Puerto Rico, 1940-45 César J. Ayala Hybrid Latina Identities Fatima Mujcinovic Beyond Dominance: Cuban...Read more
Centro Journal Volume XI - Number 2 (Spring 2000) Spring 2000 Vol.XI,No.2,124 pages Indigenous Hawaiians Under Statehood: Lessons for Puerto Rico José Luis Morín Género y Nacionalismo: Los discursos de oposición a la esterilización femenina en la prensa puertorriqueña (1940-1975) Lourdes Lugo-Ortíz The Rise and Fall of Section 936: The Historical Context and Possible Consequences for Migration...Read more
Centro Journal Volume XI - Number 1 (Fall 1999) 1898-1998, Part 2 Fall 1999 Vol.XI,No.1,152 pages The Promise and Disillusion of Americanization: Surveying the Socio-Economic Terrain of Early Twentieth century Puerto Rico Lillian Guerra Their Islands and Our People: U.S. Writing about Puerto Rico, 1898-1920 Félix V. Matos Rodríguez Citizenship, Language, and Self-Government in New Mexico and...Read more
Centro Journal Volume X - Number 1 & 2 (Fall 1998) 1898-1998 Part 1 (double issue) Fall 1998 Vol.X, No.1 & 2, 223 pages The Puerto Rican Independence Movement and the Status Issue under Spanish Rule: selected sources, 1892-1897 The 1897 Autonomous Charter Puerto Rican Perspectives on the United States Invasion Of Puerto Rico, 1898 La Entrega del Mando o Fin De Siglo: A play Critical of...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VIII - Number 1 & 2 (Spring 96) Race and Identity Spring 96 Vol.VIII Nos.1&2, double issue, 240 pages Un hombre (negro) del pueblo : José Barbosa and the Puerto Rican 'Race' Toward Whiteness Miriam Jiménez Román Domestic Work and Racial Divisions in Women's Employment in Puerto Rico, 1899-1930 Elizabeth Crespo Policing the Crisis in the 'Whitest' of the Antilles...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VII - Number 1 (Winter 94-95/Spring 95) Future Directions in Puerto Rican Studies Winter 94-95/Spring 95 Vol.VII,No.1,120 pages What's Yellow and White and Has Land All Around It? Appropriating Place in Puerto Rican Barrios Luis Aponte-Parés Linking a Fractured Past: The World of the Puerto Rican Old Left Roberto Rodríguez-Morazzani Resources of Hope: Imagining the Young...Read more
Centro Journal Volume VI - Number 1 & 2 (Spring 1994) OUT OF PRINT Puerto Ricans & AIDS: It's Time to Act! Spring 1994 Vol.VI, Nos.1&2 double issue,240 pages Trends in AIDS Mortality Rates Among Residents of Puerto Rico and Among Puerto Rican Immigrants and Other Hispanic Residents of NYC, 1981-1989 B. Menéndez et al. Modelo de adiestramiento de promotores de salud utilizando el...Read more
Centro Journal Volume V - Number 1 (Winter 1992-93) Puerto Rican Youth and Youth Culture #1 Winter 1992-93 Vol.V, No.1,120 pages "We Know What Time It Is": Youth Culture in the 90s George Lipsitz "Puerto Rican and Proud, Boyee!": Rap, Roots and Amnesia Juan Flores PORTFOLIO Jorge Veras MI GENTE Interview KMX Assault Blanca Vázquez, Juan Flores & Pablo Figueroa Rap Music in Puerto Rico: Mass...Read more
Centro Journal Volume IV - Number 2 (Spring-92) Spring 1992 Vol.IV,No.2,120 pages Smoke and Ash: A Latino Writer Looks Back at the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising Luis J. Rodríguez Dancing with Colonialism: The Current Plebiscite Debate in Puerto Rico as Crisis Management Kelvin Santiago-Valles La identidad especular del allá y del acá: nuestra propia imágen puertorriqueña en cuestión Alberto Sandoval-...Read more
Centro Journal Volume III - Number 2 (Spring 1991) Música: Alma del Pueblo Spring 1991 Vol.III,No.2,120 pages Editorial Cortijo's Revenge Juan Flores The Backstage View: Musicians Piece Together a Living Ruth Glasser La Plena Puertorriqueña: de la expresión popular a la comercialización musical Jorge Pérez MI GENTE INTERVIEWS: Andy and Jerry González Blanca Vázquez Latin Empire: Puerto Rap Juan...Read more