Multimedia Production Assistant

This internship is a supervised opportunity to apply classroom theory to practice. – Film and Media majors can receive credit 

 Since its founding as a Task Force in 1974, The Center for Puerto Rican Studies’ Emmy-Awarded Media Unit has covered diverse topics in the diaspora and within the archipelago including Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, Puerto Rican pioneers, diaspora musicians and artists, and the socio-economic systems within the U.S. and in Puerto Rico among many other topics, as well as documenting the work of CENTRO. With a diverse group of media professionals at its disposal, including animators, graphic artists, documentary filmmakers, journalists, and content creators, they are invested in ensuring that their reach widens and evolves with the diaspora.


Students will assist in the production and post-production of CENTRO’s documentaries and video projects.  Students will work hand in hand with the current staff as they research, plan, and shoot material for projects including a major documentary as well as other video projects

Preferred Skills:

Some knowledge of NLE editing systems (Adobe Premiere preferred), Mac operating systems, documentary and narrative storytelling, and managing of digital and film equipment.

To Apply

Email a resume and cover letter, highlighting relevant skills, availability and why you would be a good candidate for this internship, to Rosa Cruz at

Earning Academic Credit

From the Hunter College Film & Media Internships webpage,

Students can earn one academic credit per 40 hours of work performed over the course of the semester. For example, a 120-hour internship would equal 3 units of academic credit. Internships are graded Credit/No Credit (neither grade impacts your GPA) and count as general electives, not toward the major.