Caribbean Latin America Research Assistant

Centro’s research unit is an interdisciplinary hub that brings together students, scholars, and community partners to investigate urgent themes facing our communities. Over the past decades our scholars have produced benchmark publications that have transformed the field of Puerto Rican Studies and timely reports that have shaped national debate, most recently in regard to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis, austerity politics, post-disaster migration and hurricane recovery.


Support research processes connected to the completion of a book, a CUNY event and other related events. My general research traces the current momentum reflected in queer performances by younger generations in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico from the turn of the 21st century until now. The book, in particular, maps the growth of body and sex positivity discourses in the archipelago and uses them to identify key generational shifts in the expression of irreverence and detachment from cisheteropatriarchal norms in the region.

  • Translate text excerpts from Spanish to English, and from English to Spanish
  • Copy/edit English or Spanish
  • Transcribe Spanish songs by Puerto Rican artists like: Villlano Antillano, Rita Indiana, Mima, Ana Macho, Macha Colón y los Okapi and others
  • Transcribe key interviews excerpts in Spanish and translate them to English
  • Support the process of liaison with partners/stakeholders within and outside of CUNY
  • Support with projects & events e.g join calls, take notes, create/review Canva or PowerPoint presentations, support with booking travel/get quotes, Retrieve library or archival material, draft messages
  • Weekly Virtual or in Person Check-in

Preferred Skills:

  • Fluency of gender, sexuality and feminist languages is a must
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office and Google Suite is helpful
  • Knowledge of LGBTQIA+ cultural expressions is helpful 
  • Fluency in Spanish and English is helpful
  • Familiarity with Latinx, Latin American or Spanish-speaking Caribbean contemporary expressions is desirable

Students can come from the following disciplines:

  • Art, Communications, Media, Cinema or Cultural Studies
  • Latinx, Latin American or Caribbean Studies
  • Spanish, Linguistics, Literature
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Students would be working on the following products:
  • Book: De un Pájarx las Dos Patas: Queer Media & Performance in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico
  • Event in CUNY: Feminist & Queer Perspectives of PR and the DR