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Teaching Bad Bunny: Hasta ‘Bajo Project

Teaching Bad Bunny: Hasta ‘Bajo Project

Event Organizer: Center for Puerto Rican Studies


Virtual Event Virtual Event

May 10 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm EDT

How has Puerto Rican migration influenced and impacted the development of Reggaetón music? This workshop focuses on the role that the Puerto Rican diaspora has played in the history of Reggaetón. Learn about the transcultural Caribbean roots of the genre, the urban realities and experiences of the diaspora, and why Reggaetón is culture. This workshop will offer educators and cultural workers the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary curriculum connections, methods for using music to engage learners, and strategies for cultivating conversations where all students feel seen and heard, but also where historically marginalized people see themselves reflected.

As the first historical archive of Reggaetón in Puerto Rico, Hasta ‘Bajo Project seeks to preserve, educate, and promote the significance of Reggaetón in contemporary Puerto Rican culture. For more information and resources, please visit at www.hastabajoproject.com.

This event is part of the CENTRO 50th Anniversary Celebration! Join us all of 2023 in celebrating 50 years of CENTRO’s work to strengthen, diversify, and reimagine the field of Puerto Rican Studies!

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