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Afternoon Tertulia: Reimagining West Side Story: A Critical Discussion of the Remake

Afternoon Tertulia: Reimagining West Side Story: A Critical Discussion of the Remake


Event Organizer: Center for Puerto Rican Studies


Join us on Monday, December 13th at 3:00 PM EST for our second December Afternoon Tertulia- Reimagining West Side Story: A Critical Discussion of the Remake. We will be joined by Dr. Virginia Sanchez-Korrol, Dr. Frances Negron-Muntaner, and Dr. Brian Herrera, with Dr. Jillian Baez as moderator. This panel will provide a critical discussion of the West Side Story remake. Panelists will discuss representations in the original film and offer insights into how the remake both reproduces and remedies the limitations and silences of the original.

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