Evelina Antonetty: “The Hell Lady of the Bronx”

Community Building and Leadership in the Bronx & Harlem

Learn about the beautiful and powerful activist work done by Evelina Antonnety "The hell lady of The Bronx". Evelina was committed to improve the quality of life for Puerto Rican children of the South Bronx. Her work resulted in bilingual education accessible in the South Bronx through United Bronx Parents, food activism and free lunch programs in school, and empowering members of the community to get involved in their children’s education.

"The Hell Lady of the Bronx" downloadable exhibition, created by CENTRO, is a free tool for teachers that consists of archival documents and other primary resources from the CENTRO archives. This exhibition provides context on Evelina’s work and how she improved the lives of the youth in the South Bronx through food activism and advocating for improved education. The exhibition comes with downloadable and free teaching materials available below.


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Evelina Centennial at CENTRO

Video recording of Evelina centennial at CENTRO

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Teaching Aid (Grades 6-12)

Evelina "The Hell Lady of The Bronx" Teaching Aide (Grades 6-12)

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Teaching Aide (Grades 9-10)

Evelina "The Hell Lady of The Bronx" Teaching Aide (Grades 9-10)

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Teaching Aide (Grades 11-12)

Evelina "The Hell Lady of The Bronx" Teaching Aide (Grades 11-12)