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Four Years Post-Maria: Puerto Rico's Disabled Population

  • Over one fifth of the Puerto Rican population is disabled. 21% of Puerto Rico's population is disabled.
  • Half of Puerto Rico's disabled population lives below the poverty line. This represents an increase of 4.8%, from 2017.
  • Puerto Rico’s disabled population is not equally distributed geographically. Of all Puerto Rican municipalities, Guanica had the highest total percentage of disabled population at 37.5%.
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Changes from 2010 to 2020 on the Puerto Rican Population

  • Puerto Rico's population dropped by -11.8% between 2010 and 2020. A historic loss of 440,000 individuals in a 10-year span.
  • Population loss for non-hispanic residents was disproportionately lower, at only 1.3%.
  • Puerto Rico had the absolute largest population decline of any US jurisdiction.
  • For the first time population losses were reported across all municipalities, with San Juan showing the greatest overall loss.
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Four Years Post Maria: Aging Population

  • 22% of Puerto Rico's population is 65 years or older. This is higher than the US average of 16.5%
  • 40% of PR's senior age population lives at or below the poverty line. This is disproportionately higher than the fifty states where the poverty rate for seniors is 9.4% and 7.9% among Latinos
  • The proportion of seniors is up 6% from 2017. Since Hurricane Maria, the senior age population grew across all municipalities, with the exception of Fajardo.
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Our interactive reports use data visualization tools and web maps to illustrate major points and changes within the Puerto Rican population. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the data hub has extended research priorities to the impacts of Hurricane(s) Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican diaspora, by disseminating research and policy briefs and other relevant information about the ongoing economic crisis and post-disaster recovery. Our Hub offers a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with outside researchers on investigations, publications, and events.

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The Puerto Rico Children Vulnerability Index, 2021

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Pervasive Poverty in Puerto Rico: a Closer Look

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Puerto Ricans in the United States Infographics, 2021

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Redistricting NYC: Demographic Change and The Hispanic Community

On July 15, 2022, the New York City Districting Commission released a preliminary plan for council districts after holding meetings since March 29, and public hearings since May 26. Presently, the Districting Commission has drawn 29 majority districts and 22 plurality districts.

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