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While the share of the citizen, voting-age population represented by Puerto Ricans may be 1.6...
School, Work and the Transition of Puerto Rican Youth to Adulthood
According to the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, in 2014 the United States was home...
The Puerto Rican Education Pipeline: New York City, New York State, and the United States
For instance, the disparity between Puerto Ricans and non-Hispanic whites earning a bachelor’s...
Puerto Rican Households in the U.S.
Compared to the distribution of all U.S. households, the sharpest differences among Puerto Rican...

About Centro Research

The Research Unit is Centro’s team charged with the production of knowledge based on the investigation of subjects that bear on the general well being of Puerto Ricans. To this end, the Research Unit strives to obtain sponsored research grants to leverage our resources in order to promote among our staff and other partners the publication of articles in refereed journals to heighten the impact of our research on relevant fields.

Researchers adopt and implement research programs for the study of critical conditions that affect the Puerto Rican community in the United States and that have the potential to shape public policies that promote social change and justice. Centro also encourages the formation of working groups that include our staff and other scholars doing research areas of high relevance to the field. Our intention is to create a more organic relationship with external scholars who receive Centro support for their research, and to expand our capabilities to engage in policy and community development research.

Research Unit

Some Social Differences on the Basis of Race Among Puerto Ricans
This avoidance and neglect among Puerto Ricans tends to exist because the...

In 2014, an estimated 89,462 Puerto Ricans lived in Georgia and account

In 2014 an estimated 89,212 Puerto Ricans lived in North Carolina and a

In 2014, Virginia had the 11th largest Puerto Rican population in the U