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The Emmy Award Winning TV show Puerto Rican Voices has in the past featured individual portraits of Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora and in the aftermath of Hurricane María it documented stories of resilience in Puerto Rico. This series focuses on investigative storytelling, looking at the Puerto Rican experience through a transnational lens, building a bridge between the Diaspora, and the archipelago. Our purpose is to cover themes of actuality based on new migration patterns, population shifts, transformations in racial identity, new queer expressions, and the impact of the economic crisis, ongoing disasters, and pandemics. View current season & discussion guides

Recent Videos

Bad Bunny, Good PR: Race, Language, and the Politics of Vernacular ...

Jonathan Rosa, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, and Yarimar Bonilla, CENTRO… Learn More

Bad Bunny Caribeño

The panelists, including Jade Power-Sotomayor, Asst. Professor of Theatre and Dance at the University of California-San Diego,… Learn More

The Political Landscape of P FKN R

José Laguarta, CENTRO Research Associate, writer Carina del Valle Schorske, and Carla Santamaría, Assistant Professor of Latino… Learn More