New Initiative: Diasporican Art in Motion

The Arts and Culture unit creates new initiative: Diasporican Art in Motion (DAM)

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (CENTRO) is the only research institution nationwide exclusively devoted to documenting the Puerto Rican experience in the diaspora. Our Centro Library & Archives, our Research Department, and Journal are well known for their contributions to Puerto Rican Studies. However, we believe that it is impossible to tell our story without including the contributions of our artists.

Since the Arts & Culture initiative at Centro was launched, we’ve been in touch with art historians, scholars, and curators from our community and partner organizations to feature and highlight artworks by Puerto Rican diaspora artists on our new CENTRO website. We will be featuring an artist on our platforms monthly. Afterwards, as part of our mission to preserve the Puerto Rican experience, the profile will remain in our digital archives for educational and research purposes. The selection of artists will be made by an advisory committee of scholars and museum professionals. Each entry will contain a brief biography, artist statement, a selection of representative work, and intellectual content created by or about them. 

To found more about this initiative, please visit The Diasporican Art in Motion initiative in our website.