Episode 2: Tito Matos: Ahora Sí


Following the death of legendary artist Tito Matos, mourners filled the streets to commemorate his legacy as a musician, cultural worker, mutual aid organizer and agitator. Archival footage reveals Tito’s contributions to the transformation of Plena as both a musical tradition and a trans-diasporic movement.


Disaster Recovery

Arts & Culture


Opening Credits: Executive Producers Juan C. Dávila, Yarimar Bonilla, Ángel Antonio Ruíz Director of Photography Juan Carlos Álvarez, Roberto "Tito" Otero, Michelle Malley Campos, Edited by David Moscoso Music by Viento de Agua Producers Mariana Reyes Angleró Associate Producer Joanne Gil Rivera Director Noelia Quintero Herencia Original Song "No cantamos solas" "We don't sing alone By Andrea Cruz and Fabiola Méndez