Episode 1: Privatized Resilience


After the government of Puerto Rico transferred the electrical distribution service to a private contractor, the energy crisis deepened and hundreds of workers were displaced. Many are calling for the cancellation of the controversial contract, and asserting their right to clean and reliable energy. Meanwhile, solar energy is becoming a booming business.


Disaster Recovery



Opening Credits: Executive Producers Juan C. Dávila Yarimar Bonilla Ángel Antonio Ruíz Director of Photography Eduardo Mariota, Cristián Carretero Edited by Juan C. Dávila Music by Aníbal S. Vidal Quintero Written by Juan C. Dávila Yarimar Bonilla Associate Producers Gabriella N. Báez Adriana De Jesús Director Juan C. Dávila “Original Song” “No Cantamos Sola” Andrea Cruz and Fabiola Méndez