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Meet The Author: Rose Muzio

April 26, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Faculty Dining Room, 8th Floor, West Building, Hunter College

Radical Imagination, Radical Humanity: Puerto Rican Political Activism in New York

Radical Imagination, Radical Humanity provides firsthand accounts of militant Puerto Rican activists in 1970s New York City. Rose Muzio analyzes how structural and historical factors—including colonialism, economic marginalization, racial discrimination, and the Black and Brown Power movements of the 1960s—influenced young Puerto Ricans to reject mainstream ideas about political incorporation and join others in struggles against perceived injustices. This analysis provides the first in-depth account of the origins, evolution, achievements, and failures of El Comité-Movimiento de Izquierda Nacional Puertorriqueño, one of the most enduring organizations of the Puerto Rican Left.

Author:  Rose Muzio
Commentator: Andrés Torres