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Film Corner: X Havana Film Festival Jacobo Morales

A Conversation with Director Jacobo Morales

As part of the 10th Havana Film Festival Centro hosted on April 29, 2009 a screening of Jacobo Morales’ film Dios los cría 2 (2003) followed by a question and answer period, moderated by stage actress and Queens College Prof. Soledad Romero and director Jacobo Morales. The discussion with Morales took place in Spanish. Morales is an actor, writer, and the most important Puerto Rican film director over the past 40 years. In the 1970s his Hollywood credits included Woody Allen’s Bananas and Up the Sandbox with Barbra Streisand. Morales’s directorial debut came in 1980 with Dios los cría—selected as one of the top 25 most significant Latin American films of all times. His other films include Nicolás y los demás (1985), the Lo que le pasó a Santiago (1990)—nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and Linda Sara (1995)—winner of the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the Latin American Film Festival in Trieste, Italy. In the first of the video clips shown as part of a Q&A period Soledad Romero gives a synopsis of the history of Puerto Rican cinema from the film Los peloteros (1951) to the present work of Morales. In the second video clip Morales talks about the challenges of making cinema in Puerto Rico, the importance of having continuity in Puerto Rican cinema, and the necessity to think globally for the marketing and distribution of the productions. The full video of the Q&A presentation is available at Centro Library. Uploaded - 2010.