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Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis

Moderator: Professor Héctor Cordero-Guzmán, Sociologist, Baruch College

Panelists: Prof. José Caraballo Cueto, Director, Centro de Información Censal, UPR-Cayey

Ana María García Blanco, Instituto Nueva Escuela (PR)

Rev. Heriberto Martínez, Coordinator, Coalición Por la Salud (PR)

Goal: To humanize the crisis and to provide overview of the most recent developments and civic engagement efforts to mitigate the impacts on the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Speakers are active in the ecumenical coalition leading civic engagement with the health crisis, studies assessing impacts on children and families, and the impact on schools and education. The moderator is a co-author of a report on the topic published by the Hispanic Federation.

Héctor Cordero-Guzmán José Caraballo Cueto Ana María García Blanco Heriberto Martínez



Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis - Professor Jose Caraballo-Cueto

Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis - Opening Remarks by Professor Héctor Cordero-Guzmán


Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis - Ana Maria Garcia-Blanco

Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis - Q & A