Health Disparities

Moderator: Raúl Russi, Executive Director, Acacia Network (NY)

Panelists: Prof. Melissa Fuster, Brooklyn College (NY)

José Sánchez, CEO, Norwegian-American Hospital (IL)

Josephine Mercado, Founder/Executive Director, Hispanic Health Initiatives, Inc. (FL)

María Idali Torres, MSPH, PhD, Director, Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy, University of Massachusetts

Goal: to examine health disparities, especially in key areas such as diabetes, asthma, and its relations to nutrition, policies and effective preventive community strategies. Of special interest are the enrollment of Puerto Ricans in health plans-- especially Medicare and Medicaid, community-based health networks providing services, and cultural competency across local and state health systems. 

Raul Russi Melissa Fuster Jose Sanchez Josephine Mercado Maria Idali Torres


Health Disparities


Health Disparities Panel - Q&A

Health Disparities Panel - Melissa Fuster, PhD


Health Disparities Panel - Maria Idali Torres, MSPH, PhD

Health Disparities Panel - Josephine Mercado


Health Disparities Panel - José Sánchez

Health Disparities Panel - Introduction