Economic Development

Panelists: Bianca M. Cabán, CEO, Taíno Capital LLC (NY & PR)

Jorge Rodríguez, Principal PACIV (NY, PR)

Mariela Martínez, Senior Project Manager, Global Cities Initiative, Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, Board Member, Cenadores PR

Goal: To examine core industries in PR and ongoing strategies to revitalize economic development in the private sector. Panelists are experts on the biotech industry which accounts for over a third of Puerto Rico’s GDP, large scale high tech incubators, and strategies for attracting investment. The moderator is an entrepreneur with holdings in NY and PR.

Bianca M. Cabán Jorge Rodríguez Mariela Martínez



Economic Development - Q and A

Economic Development: Panel Discussion


Economic Development - Mariela Martínez

Economic Development - Jorge Rodríguez


Economic Development - Bianca M. Cabán