CENTRO Announces Spring 2024 Artist in Residence: César Abreu

CENTRO has announced César Abreu as the Spring 2024 Artist in Residence. Abreu, a versatile artist known for his work in dance and film, will embark on a groundbreaking project titled “Layers.”

“Layers,” a short dance and music film, explores the journey of self-acceptance through three transformative stages: Ceremony/Ritual, Introspection/Búsqueda, and Redemption/Rapture. Drawing from his extensive experience with the MET Opera Ballet, Abreu will choreograph and direct the film, featuring male dancers from renowned companies such as the Metropolitan Opera and Parsons Dance Companies, Lion King, Moulin Rouge on Broadway, and the West Side Story movie.

In collaboration with artists Angelica Negrón and Roxane Revon, Abreu aims to create a visually and musically immersive experience. Negrón, known for her innovative compositions, will provide an original score for the film, while Revon will contribute her unique set design expertise, bringing Abreu’s vision to life with poetic imagery.

The project’s primary goal is to explore the narratives, choreographies, and struggles that have shaped Puerto Rican dance and performance in the Diaspora. Through meticulous research and creative collaboration, Abreu, Negrón, and Revon will weave together a narrative that celebrates Puerto Rican culture while challenging common stereotypes and representations.

Commenting on his selection as the Spring Artist in Residence, César Abreu expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunity: “I am deeply honored to be chosen for this exceptional opportunity by CENTRO. As a proud Puerto Rican, there is no greater source of joy for me than to engage in creative work that strengthens my connection to my heritage, delves into our rich history, and draws inspiration from the invaluable resources of CENTRO Library and Archives.”

CENTRO’s Director of Arts & Culture, Angel Antonio Ruiz Laboy, shared his excitement for the project, stating, “The proposal presented by César Abreu, in collaboration with artists Angélica Negrón and Roxane Revon, challenges the common places of Puerto Rican representation and will explore all layers and intersections present in the evolution of diasporic dance and choreography. We are excited to support Abreu’s research for this beautiful and very special project.”

The film, which celebrates the recently digitized collection Homovisiones, will be released at a later date.