The Centro Library & Archives has made available a compilation of rare historical newspapers and journals on microfilm published in Puerto Rico and the United States. For each entry, the list provides the following information: title, sub-title; place of publication and dates of the issues; last line provides the title of the microfilm if it is different from the title of the entry. Please note that many of these titles are extremely rare and on many occasions only a single issue has been preserved. For example, the title ‘Alerta’ is within the Abeja microfilm reel.

Our most popular newspaper on microfilm, El Diario/La Prensa (New York City), is available on microfilm from 1919 to 2012.

View the Collection List (PDF)

Film & Video

The Centro Library and Archives houses one of the most extensive collections of films documenting the Puerto Rican experience. The collection includes documentaries, public service news programs; Hollywood produced feature films, as well as those produced by the film industry in Puerto Rico.

Presently we house over 500 titles, both in DVD and VHS format. The collection is circulating and is made available for teaching, study and entertainment purposes with due consideration for copyright and intellectual property laws.

View Centro's Film List (PDF)
  1. Reserve films one week in advance.
  2. A maximum of 2 FILMS may be borrowed at a time.
  3. Pick-up film(s) at the Centro Library and Archives with proper identification and sign contract which specifies obligations and responsibilities while the film(s) is in your possession.
  4. Films must be hand delivered and given to a member of the Centro Library and Archives staff; if it becomes necessary to return the film via mail please insure it for at least $200.00 and keep receipt.
  5. All efforts should be made to return the films when due, if for any reason this becomes impossible please notify us. If you fail to contact us a late fee will be assessed for each day the film is overdue
  6. Reserve by calling 212-396-7874 or email: centro.library@hunter.cuny.edu

Film Lending Policy

Our policy requires that films be picked up at our facility, we do not mail out. Films from the collection may be borrowed by college professors, elementary and secondary school teachers for classroom presentations during the school year. We also lend to student clubs and community based organizations.

For individuals conducting personal research, or for students who need to view films for class assignments, we ask that they call and make an appointment for viewing the film(s) at our facilities, 212-396-7880.