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Educational Tools

The Centro Education division develops and implements programs, curricula, and pedagogies that motivate Hunter, CUNY, and other students,as well as teachers, to become involved in Puerto Rican Studies, to provide the necessary supports for success, and to encourage a sense of service toward others.


Centro Documentaries and Teaching Guides

Teaching Guides illuminate the lives of notable Puerto Ricans and imaginative art forms and feature lesson plans, vocabulary, links, and DVDs.

Pura Belpré
Pura Belpré was a Puerto Rican storyteller and folklorist. She built on her love of stories in her career as a librarian at the New York Public Library and as an author.


Dr. Frank Bonilla
This teaching guide is built around a documentary, The Legacy of Frank Bonilla, produced by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies/ Centro in 2011.


Clemente Soto Vélez
This teaching guide focuses on the life and work of “revolutionary poet” Clemente Soto Vélez.


Plena is Song; Plena is Work
Plena is a music performance in the form of storytelling song. Plena is originally a Puerto Rican musical form.

Open Courseware

Open courseware is a web-based electronic publishing initiative that makes available online core teaching materials such as lecture notes, syllabi, bibliographies, literature reviews, curriculum guides, study notes and video and sound materials related to specific courses in any given subject.

History and Culture of Puerto Ricans in New York City
This multi-session course was designed for high school teachers of History, English, and Spanish and explore the history and culture of Puerto Ricans in New York City.

History of Puerto Ricans in the U.S.
This 7-part essay by Virginia Sanchez-Korrol, professor emerita, Brooklyn College, features a comprehensive overview of the Puerto Rican experience in the U.S. as well as a discussion of academic discourse and pedagogical strategies.

Heritage Poster Series

Centro Posters illustrate complex lessons that are ideal for classroom use and as artistic displays.

Puerto Rican Heritage Poster Series
This is a poster series designed to provide an attractive visual educational tool for teachers and others to use in the classroom or any suitable public spaces, and to introduce students to and interest them in the historical information highlighted in the poster captions and accompanying images.


Timeline of Puerto Rican History

The timeline documents the history of Puerto Rican migration and the experiences and contributions of Puerto Ricans to U.S. society.