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Journal 2018

CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Volume 30, Number 1 • 2018

SPECIAL SECTION: Critical Perspectives on Puerto Rican and Dominicans in the U.S.

Table of Contents

- Beyond Labor Markets and Schools: Community-Based Youth Serving Organizations and the Integration of Puerto Rican and Dominican Disconnected Youth in New York City - M. Anne Visser

- Food Security and Access to “Balanced Meals” among Dominicans and Puerto Ricans in the United States - Melissa Fuster

- Mangú y Mofongo: Inter-ethnic Dominican-Puerto Rican Families and Community Development in New York City - Alaí Reyes-Santos and Ana-Maurine Lara

- Risk Profiles for Suicide Attempts, Drug Use, and Violence among Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Non-Hispanic White Youth in New York City:Implications for Suicide Prevention Initiatives - Juan B. Peña, Alexis Kuerbis, Rufina Lee and Daniel Herman

- El español y el inglés en Puerto Rico: una polémica de más de un siglo - Melvin González Rivera and Luis A. Ortiz López

- Ana Lydia Vega’s “Pollito chicken”: The Impossible Spanglish - Francisca Aguiló Mora

- The Geography of Bernardo Vega's Memoirs - Angel ‘Monxo’ López Santiago