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Puerto Ricans at the Dawn of the New Millennium

Puerto Ricans at the Dawn of the New Millennium


Edwin Meléndez and Carlos Vargas-Ramos, Editors

The demographic and socio-economic profile of Puerto Ricans has changed dramatically, even in the short span of years since the advent of the 21st century. Consider that in 2003 there were 3.8 million stateside Puerto Ricans and 3.8 million residing in Puerto Rico itself. By 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, the numbers were 4.97 million living stateside and 3.52 million in Puerto Rico. The migration wave of the past decade rivals the magnitude of what is known in the literature as the Great Migration of the 1950s. Among Puerto Ricans on the mainland, a significant change in population settlement and dispersion has transpired. During the decade, over a million Puerto Ricans migrated across state lines, a rate of mobility far exceeding that of the U.S. population as a whole or of any other major ethnic group. Florida is on its way to eclipsing New York State as the major stateside location of Puerto Ricans.

Table of Contents

  • Puerto Rican Migration and the Brain Drain Dilemma - Kurt Birson
  • A Brief Look at Internal Migration of Puerto Ricans in the United States: 2001-2011 - Juan C. García-Ellín
  • Patterns of Puerto Rican Settlement and Segregation in the United States, 1990-2010 - Carlos Vargas-Ramos
  • Puerto Ricans in Florida - Patricia Silver
  • New Puerto Rican Diasporas in the U.S. South - Patricia Silver
  • Puerto Rican Economic Resiliency After the Great Recession - Kurt Birson and Edwin Meléndez
  • Rebuilding the Puerto Rican Education Pipeline for a Multilingual/Multicultural Future - Luis O. Reyes
  • School, Work and the Transition of Puerto Rican Youth to Adulthood - Edwin Meléndez, M. AnneVisser, and Kurt Birson
  • The Asset Profile of Puerto Ricans and Other Latinos After the Great Recession: 2008-2010 - Kurt Birson, Ramón Borges-Méndez and Kofi Ampaabeng
  • Puerto Rican Veterans and Service Members’ Wellbeing and Place within the Diaspora - Harry Franqui-Rivera
  • Lessons from the European Demographic Winter for Puerto Rico - Alejandro Macarrón
  • Asthma and Diabetes within the Puerto Rican Population - Anna Rosofsky and Judith Aponte
  • Puerto Rican Political and Civic Engagement in the United States - Carlos Vargas-Ramos

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