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New Acquisitions

Centro Library

Centro Library

Here are some of the latest books added to our library collection, as of September 2018:

  • La arquitectura de la Universidad de Puerto Rico : Recinto de Río Piedras / María Luisa Moreno
  • Ascension: poems / Luivette Resto
  • Caneca de anhelos turbios / Raquel Salas Rivera
  • Conversations with my skin / Peggy Robles/Alvarado
  • Crux: a cross-border memoir / Jean Guerrero
  • A decent woman / Eleanor Parker Sapia
  • East Harlem revisited / Christopher Bell
  • Fish out of agua: my life on neither side of the (subway) tracks / Michele Carlo
  • From another time: Hoboken in the 1970s / Robert Foster
  • The heiress of water: a novel / Sandra Rodríguez Barron
  • Homenaje a las guerreras / Peggy Robles-Alvarado
  • The loss of all lost things: stories / Amina Gautier
  • Love war stories / Ivelisse Rodríguez
  • Marcus Vega doesn't speak spanish / Pablo Cartaya
  • Mundo cruel: stories / Luis Negrón
  • Not that bad: dispatches from rape culture / Roxane Gay
  • Now we will be happy / Amina Gautier
  • Pedro Albizu Campos, lujo de la historia: actas de la primera jornada Pedro Albizu Campos 
  • Puerto Ricans in the United States: A contemporary portrait. 2nd ed. / Edna Acosta-Belén; Carlos E. Santiago
  • Puertorriqueños en la Guerra Civil Española: Prensa y testimonios 1936-1939 / Luis Angel Ferrao
  • Riddle me this, what am I? / Anaida Hernández
  • Scar on/ Scar off / Jennifer Maritza McCauley
  • Solar Montoya / Enrique A. Laguerre
  • Stay with me: a novel / Sandra Rodríguez Barron
  • Lo terciario / Raquel Salas Rivera
  • Unfinished portrait: poems / Luivette Resto
  • We the animals / Justin Torres
  • Women of resistance: poems for a new feminism / Danielle Barnhart; Iris Mahan

Library and Archives Access Policy

The Centro Library and Archives is open to the general public. We are located on the First Floor of the Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work Building (2180 Third Avenue at 119th Street in El Barrio). Users wishing to enter the Centro Library and Archives must bring a photo ID and check-in at the Visitor’s Center. CUNY staff and students should use their CUNY identification when visiting our facility.