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Gretchen Sierra-Zorita

  Gretchen Sierra-Zorita’s career as a Federal government official, activist, and writer has provided her with key tools and contacts to advocate for solutions in Washington DC. She has focused her work on Hispanic and Puerto Rican issues, and has become a respected thought leader, sought by the media for her non-partisan insight and knowledge on the fiscal and social crisis affecting the island of Puerto Rico.

Gretchen has worked tirelessly to bring attention in Washington DC to issues affecting Puerto Ricans on both the island and the mainland. She is a member of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Puerto Rico Working Group; a founding member of the National Puerto Rican Agenda - a national coalition of Puerto Rican leaders and organizations focusing on the economic crisis; creator of Puerto Rico en Serio - a non-partisan social media page which focuses on issues relevant to Puerto Rico and the diaspora; and one of the founders of Parranda Puerto Rico - a platform which unifies the diaspora and the Puerto Rican people.

In addition to Puerto Rico advocacy work, Sierra-Zorita handles media diversity issues for the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. The NHFA promotes the participation of Latinos in the entertainment industry. Within this framework, she focuses on initiatives to promote Latino representation in printed and televised news.