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Cash-strapped Puerto Rico received a small bit of good financial news Thursday — a $295 million cash infusion for its underfunded Medicaid program ...
The Governor points out that Puerto Rico is out of the plans of the Congress to replace the ObamaCare bill
More than a week after the hurricane, it is important to have professional teams who provide care and advice to our citizens on the streets
The United States territory of Puerto Rico is facing a massive health-care problem: Federal funds allocated to the island for the Medicaid program...
Saying the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is facing tough economic times is putting it mildly. The Island has an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent, ...
The close to $300 million in a congressional allocation for Medicaid in Puerto Rico represents some relief for the Mi Salud program
Claim to replace funds under Obamacare law
... of Zika by mosquitoes, including Miami, Houston, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, ... women ages 18 to 35 in Houston, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico, which seeks additional federal Medicaid monies, has become a point of conversation as lawmakers negotiate a long-term government ...
He signed a measure that includes $296 million in new funds for Puerto Rico
The US Department of Health and Human Services declared one in Puerto Rico last year after more than 10,000 Zika cases were reported there.
The Government insists that a new healthcare model would generate the savings they need
The Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marín, calls for support on the extension of Medicaid funds
Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera, is in the federal capital leading the efforts of the Health Multisector Committee—created...
The debate extends until next week on account of Trump’s twits