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He signed a measure that includes $296 million in new funds for Puerto Rico
The US Department of Health and Human Services declared one in Puerto Rico last year after more than 10,000 Zika cases were reported there.
The Government insists that a new healthcare model would generate the savings they need
... of Zika by mosquitoes, including Miami, Houston, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, ... women ages 18 to 35 in Houston, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The debate extends until next week on account of Trump’s twits
As the Puerto Rican government wades deeper into negotiations with some creditors in Washington for substantial financial relief, one thing is...
In 2015, Puerto Rico reported at least 35,000 cases of Zika, the mosquito-borne disease that can cause devastating congenital birth defects,...
The debate over the healthcare fiscal abyss is expected to take shape next month
The Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marín, calls for support on the extension of Medicaid funds
Puerto Rico's Secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera, is in the federal capital leading the efforts of the Health Multisector Committee—created...
Without money from Congress, the governor believes a system-wide collapse will cause Puerto Ricans' mass exodus from the island to escalate.
Dr. Dirlikov noted that in addition to conducting a prospective case-control study at 9 hospitals in Puerto Rico between April and December 2016, ...
If a bipartisan plan emerges, it may be a new vehicle for measures on the Island
The heart of the Island’s public healthcare services faces a tough and precarious fiscal scenario
The asthma rate in Puerto Rico is as high as 19% of the population according to some studies. Throughout the rest of the United States, the Centers...