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A Novel, A Memoir, A Video… and A Parade Read Them, Hear Them in Centro Voices

The first chapter of a historical novel about a 19th century feminist and freedom fighter set against the backdrop of the struggle for Puerto Rican liberation; a memoir about the forgotten history of an old Miami neighborhood; a discussion about whether the Puerto Rican brain drain is fact or fiction; and the history what is polularly called the Puerto Rico Day Parade – these four compelling articles launch the first edition of Centro’s newly reissued and completely reimagined e-magazine, Centro Voices.

Scheduled to be published twice monthly, the new Voices will feature timely and exciting essays, fiction, memorias, research, opinion, history, poetry and visual art produced by, for and about Puerto Ricans on the U.S. mainland.

Among the many exciting changes in the revised e-magazine, starting on Wednesday, September 3, will be the inclusion of dynamic multimedia pieces (video, audio, photography). The first such piece is "Is There a Brain Drain From Puerto Rico?", mentioned above, features a video discussion by Centro researchers Carlos Vargas-Ramos and Kurt Birson on the latest migration patterns to determine the economic, educational and professional levels of those leaving the island, and examining whether those with the most education are or are not exiting the island in unprecedented numbers. Other good examples are the many insightful oral histories recorded by accomplished Puerto Ricans, art work and other audios and visuals that will be part of the new Centro Voices mix.

Centro expects that this multimedia approach and incisive writing to result in a lively, informative and imaginative e-magazine that will become must reading.

Centro Voices also will shift focus from the traditional Northeast-centric lens to a more inclusive national view in response to the increasing number of Puerto Rican communities being established and expanding nationwide.

Centro Director Edwin Meléndez noted, “Despite significant demographic, socio-economic and cultural transformations affecting Puerto Rican communities, there are few mechanisms linking these communities and sharing information about the challenges and aspirations of our people. The question now is: What is the role of Centro in this new changing milieu? Centro Voices is part of the answer.”

Meléndez added, “With the re-launching of Centro Voices we take a momentous step towards providing a national, web-based platform for the exchange of ideas and scholarship not regularly covered by traditional academic journals.”

Contributors to the new Centro Voices will submit a spectrum of timely and engaging work. The articles in the premier issue represent this broad range of interests.

This first revised issue will also feature a chapter from the forthcoming book The Two Wings of a Bird, an engrossing novel by Virginia Sánchez-Korrol based on historical facts in the lives of Inocencia Martínez and Sotero Figueroa, their love for each other and their activism for Puerto Rico liberation. It also incudes the memoir We Were/Are Here: Wynwood, Miami, is a loving look back–and not-so-loving look forward – at the changing neighborhood of Wynwood, once a heavily Puerto Rican barrio. In the piece, written by Centro researcher Marilisa Jiménez-García, she unearths the forgotten history of this changing community.

And the parade? Of course it’s a look, into the history, conflicts, successes – and the many name changes -- of the huge annual, parade down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan honoring Puerto Ricans. Writer Carlos Rodríguez Fraticelli reflects on many of the brighter and many of the controversial moments of this national phenomenon.

You won’t want to miss the first edition of the new e-magazine Centro Voices. You will receive it in your email as a subscriber to Centro’s mailing list. All articles on Centro Voices will be available on our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing and where our community is welcome to engage in conversations about the different topics covered.

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