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A Newly Organized Channel Just for You



Centro’s YouTube channel has just received a makeover. It is now more organized, better categorized and more pleasant to the eye and mind. A powerful visual aid for Centro’s mission of understanding, preserving and sharing the Puerto Rican experience in the U.S., the channel provides more than just footage from events.

Rather, it is a visual collection of over 200 video segments that range from recognizing formidable Puerto Ricans, interviews with writers and researchers, trailers from Centro documentaries and even more.

Categorized in nine sections, the channel covers five years of Centro’s recent history that have taken place within our New York community and beyond. One of the biggest sections,Educational Series, collects excerpts from actual courses in Puerto Rican studies from scholars, which become invaluable educational resources that teachers and students can take advantage of, anytime, anywhere.


The 100 Puerto Ricans section compiles footage of Centro events honoring accomplished Puerto Ricans from New York and outside the metropolitan area who have agreed to donate their papers and/or do oral histories for the Centro Archives. Among them are Puerto Ricans from cities in Florida, Massachusetts as well as from communities in Chicago, Philiadelphia and Washington DC who are recognized for their impact as women and community leaders, media trailblazers, celebrated artists, successful in business, among others. The Barrios section contains interesting interviews with Puerto Ricans living in unexpected places, like St. Croix and working in NASA. In the Film Corner, viewers will find trailers from Centro’s documentaries and interviews and panels with movie directors. Book presentations are grouped under theMeet the Author tab.

Over 40 videos can be found recorded under the Forums/Panels tab, with full discussions by professors, artists and other professionals about diversity, cultural competency, education, religion and more. Videos of Centro events can be found in the Arts and Culture tab. Legacy Series and In Depth, contain interviews of and about historical personalities such as political figures, writers, artists and literary critics; grouping within the second section the more complex and extensive interviews.

“These audio visual resources that bring our history past and present to life are crucial to maintaining Centro’s mission in the digital era. Making them easily searchable and accessible is a step towards our ongoing efforts to connect via the web with our communities beyond our geographical boundaries.” Said Omar A. Dauhajre, communications coordinator at Centro.

A rich history written in the air, our oral contemporary history, is happening everyday around us. Share this resource on YouTube (www.youtube.com/CentroPR) and take advantage of its rich value and accessibility, right at your fingertips.