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New Guide Highlights 40 Years of Centro Research

Centro has released a new guide showcasing the wide range of research publications focusing on Puerto Ricans in the United States that Centro has produced over the last 40 years, including recent and forthcoming work.  

As a research institute, Centro is the primary source of support for and dissemination of scholarly investigation into critical issues related to the Puerto Rican migration. The research unit seeks to contribute to general knowledge, to be relevant to our communities and to promote social change and justice.

Ever since our beginnings, Centro has played “a pivotal role in the intellectual and institutional development of the field of Puerto Rican studies,” wrote Centro Director Edwin Meléndez in his introduction to the guide, Centro Research & Publications. Centro published the guide late last year as part of our 40th anniversary celebration, which Meléndez said served as an “opportunity to reflect on whether Centro has accomplished the core mission set by its founders.”

In his essay, Meléndez noted that Centro was created in 1973 primarily to organize and direct research on issues related to Puerto Rican studies as well as on the Puerto Rican community. Throughout the years, he said, Centro researchers have established “an intellection foundation” in the field and have always provided unique insights because of their understanding of the Puerto Rican experience in this country. Centro’s research programs continue to support the field of Puerto Rican studies in many ways, through research and publications by the Centro staff but also through historic preservation in the Centro Library and Archives and educational programs and other initiatives.  

 “To no one’s surprise, recent work by Centro researchers (2008-2013) and the special projects spearheaded by them follow recurrent Centro topics – migration and demographic change, language and cultural studies, education and economic opportunity and politics and civic engagement,” Meléndez said.  

The new guide features both the work of scholars affiliated with Centro and other researchers whose projects have been commissioned by Centro. It also includes policy briefs and reports; projects done as part of the Centro Research Exchange programs, which  fosters collaboration between faculty and students from CUNY and other universities and scientific research centers in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico; commissioned policy reports; and special projects including investigations on economic opportunities, social conditions, critical needs and public policy implications; and the impact of the recession on Puerto Ricans and other Latinos. The guide also includes research done as part of our Graduate Student Fellows Program and the biographies of our recent team of Centro researchers.  

The less recent research is listed in the bibliography, containing more than 100 entries, including books, reports, articles and audiovisual materials. All publications listed in the bibliography are available at the Centro Library and Archives; some in PDF format at the Centro website.

The Centro Research & Publications guide is available from the Centro Store at  www.centropr-store.com/centro-research-publications/