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Centro to Relaunch Voices E-Magazine With New Look and New Vision

This fall the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) is relaunching Voices as an online magazine covering the current affairs, history, arts and culture of Puerto Ricans throughout the nation.

“For the first time in history, there are more Puerto Ricans on the mainland than on the island,” said Omar A. Dauhajre, Centro communications coordinator. “They are also more geographically dispersed than ever before. We think this is the perfect time to create a single, unified space dedicated to informed commentary from and about the Puerto Rican experience across the United States.”

Voices will function as this vehicle, connecting the dispersed community through the exchange of ideas and information. Centro Director Edwin Meléndez noted that “Despite the significant demographic, socio-economic and cultural transformations affecting Puerto Rican communities, there are few mechanisms linking these communities and sharing information about the challenges and aspirations of our people.” Voices’ stated mission is “to be the online hub where invited contributors chronicle and discuss dynamic issues of importance and of special interest to Puerto Ricans throughout the U.S.”

Directed to and written by members of the community, Voices will present high-quality, long-form pieces from both established and upcoming writers, poets, journalists, scholars, artists and other contributors invited to submit their work. It will reflect varied perspectives, representing the increasingly diverse population. “We're delighted to have on board great collaborators from different regions across the U.S. sharing their thoughts and experiences as Puerto Ricans in the diaspora,” said Noraliz Ruiz, publications coordinator.

Originally, Centro established Voices as an e-magazine without fixed timelines for publication. Content will now be issued twice a month, keeping this online magazine current. The newVoices also will offer a more dynamic experience by offering more vibrant pieces and be a more visually stimulating publication by utilizing multi-media, including video interviews produced by Centro’s media team.

Contributors will frequently make use of Centro’s extensive Library and Archives and its research expertise on a wide range of issues related to the Puerto Rican experience in this country. This will serve as a way for Centro to augment its goal of disseminating scholarly contributions about the Puerto Rican experiences and realities in the United States to the general public.

Voices will be featured prominently on Centro’s website and social media outlets. Centro is also collaborating with many of its established partners in many states to maximize Voices’ reach.

Voices’ general editor is Xavier F. Totti, who is also the editor of the award winning peer-reviewed CENTRO Journal and professor at Lehman College. Dauhajre and Ruiz are managing editors for layout and content.

To learn more about becoming a Voices Contributor contact Omar A. Dauhajre   Communications Coordinator.