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Centro’s Posters on the Wall Decorate Lower East Side

Running through August
Location: First Park, Houston Street between First and Second Avenues

Centro’s popular Posters on the Wall: Our Nuyorican Story, an art exhibit built from the Centro Archives’ extensive graphics collection, is now adorning the Lower East Side as part of the FABLES public art project organized by the Fourth Arts Block Association (FABnyc).

Posters on the Wall was one of the great art shows exhibited for Centro’s 40th anniversary at the Silberman School of Social Work last year, but this time Posters on the Wall is being displayed outdoors as an interactive outdoor exhibit, and it has a new twist: visitors can actually write on the wall of posters, which are reproductions of the original posters in Centro’s Archives.

“Since seeing the Centro exhibition Posters of the Wall:  Our Nuyorican Story at the Abrazo Interno Gallery at the Clemente we at Fourth Arts Block unanimously decided this project should be green lit,” said Keith Schweitzer, director of public art at FABnyc.

The organization’s public art program offers an opportunity for artists to explore the Lower East Side’s living cultural heritage, rich historical legacies and current issues in public storytelling through visual art. FABLES is presented as part of Lower East Side History Month in May.Posters on the Wall exhibit is on view on First Street Green Park, corner of Houston Street and 2nd Avenue and is expected to remain on view from one to three months.

The artistic team Miguel Trelles and Juan Fernando Morales, who curated the original exhibit, were selected as one of five teams of finalists for the project. According to the artists, this exhibit revisits the striking and historical Nuyorican poster art, “which lavishly illustrates the cosmopolitan sophistication of Puerto Rican artists in New York, amalgamating traditional Puerto Rican culture with life and activism in the City.”

Trelles and Morales said they are proud to be part of the Lower East Side exhibit, especially because they believe it will bring more attention to the Centro Archives and its wealth of documents and graphics and to Centro as the premier repository of the Puerto Rican collective memory. The Posters on the Wall exhibit has been well received, previously traveling to the Clemente center on the Lower East Side and the Bronx Library Center.

Posters on the Wall illustrates the rich and diverse work of Puerto Rican artists who are especially distinguished for their contributions to printmaking. The posters represent Puerto Rican social, political and cultural interests from the tumultuous 1960s through the 1990s. Centro’s graphics collection comprises original prints, mostly silkscreens, as well as offset posters, photographic reproductions and photocopied fliers.

The catalogue for the Posters on the Wall is available at http://www.centropr-store.com/art-books/