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The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Call for Oral History Interviewers and Writers Outside New York Area

Centro is requesting letters of interest and qualifications (CV) from researchers with experience in conducting oral histories of individuals and organizations in Puerto Rican communities located outside the New York metropolitan area.

There are also positions for professors and graduate students knowledgeable about the history of the Puerto Rican migration to write articles for Centro’s e-magazine Centro Voices on the individuals in the project and to contextualize their histories.

Centro’s Oral History project is designed to collect, preserve and disseminate the recollections of women, men and organizations so their stories can be preserved as a record of history for future generations. All the oral histories will be preserved in the Archives and be available to academics, researchers and the general public. Centro Library and Archives is continuing to digitize its holdings, and in the future we expect that the oral histories will be available on line.

“As more and more of the stateside Puerto Rican population continues establishing and expanding communities across the nation, it is incumbent on Centro to expand the depth and breadth of our coverage geographically”said Alberto Hernández, Centro’s chief archivist. “The new contributions from outside the New York metropolitan area will expand the depth of activities and realistically mirror our communities’ geographically, but also the depth and variety of their professional and community activities.”

Currently Centro has received over 250 pledges to do these histories from six major U.S. cities as part of its 100 Puerto Ricans Preserving Our History Campaign. As well as reflecting the current geographic dispersion of the community, the additions also increase the underrepresented professions, such as military and journalism, and the contribution of women.

Centro will be hosting on October 9 a forum entitled In Their Own Voices: Contextualizing the Puerto Rican Experience through Oral History. This event will include a screening of oral history interviews and presenters will give an overview of Centro's Oral History Project and answer questions of those attending. The event is open to the public and will be livestreamed through Centro's website. 

Job Description

Interviewing and video-recording oral histories 

Preferred Qualifications

-Oral history experience. 
-Excellent research and academic writing skills. 
-Spanish-language proficiency. 
-Graduate degree or current coursework in a relevant discipline.

-Multiple positions. 
-Available immediately through June 30, 2015. 
-All positions are temporary.

Cities of interest include the following, based on the presence of sizable Puerto Rican communities and past Centro affinity events connecting with them: 
Boston, Mass. 
Chicago, Il. 
Philadelphia, Penn. 
Miami, Fl. 
Orlando, Fl. 
Washington, DC. 
Worcester, Mass.

Note: The above mentioned areas are not the only Centro has an interest in and suggestions will be considered.

Compensation would be based on experience and qualifications.