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Puerto Rican Heritage Cultural Ambassadors Program

The Puerto Rican Heritage Cultural Ambassadors Program is a national partnership of youth, community leaders, cultural and educational institutions devoted to promoting Puerto Rican culture.

The guiding force behind our initiative is to cultivate leadership skills in Puerto Rican youth so that they
become a driving force of change for themselves and their communities. Our goals are to:

  • Increase their educational and career opportunities.
  • Increase their knowledge about and understanding of how important cultural heritage is in relationship to our identity.
  • Engage our youth in community-based solutions, improving the lives of Puerto Rican across the country.
  • Develop initiatives for our youth to better understand and address issues in Puerto Rico and in the diaspora.

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Cultural Ambassador Presentation


Certification and Training levels


Ambassador, Level 1

An Ambassador is a learner that is being introduced to the history and culture of Puerto Rico. To be certified as an Ambassador, participants must complete a Puerto Ricans in the U.S course and review three documentaries of their choice. After completion, the Ambassador would be able to lead a group discussion and serve as a tutor.

Instructor, Level 2

An Instructor must be certified as an Ambassador. Level 2 also requires certification in the use of archival collections, complete Oral History training, and completion of the ASPIRA Leadership Module “Building Cultural Awareness.” After completion, Instructors would be able to lead Ambassadors’ group discussions, assist others in the use of archival collections and participate in oral history interviews.

Leader, Level 3

A leader has completed the Instructor level trainings. Leaders have also completed four ASPIRA Leadership modules. They will be able to lead instructors workshop(s), conduct oral history interviews, and lead instructors’ group discussions.

In addition, Centro will certify that the Leader is qualified to teach Puerto Rican culture and history using educational resources developed for the program, has the ability conduct workshops through the Centro Library and Archives and with partner organizations, and is qualified to create new educational materials for the Ambassadors’ program.

Puerto Rican Heritage Teaching Toolkit

Pioneers/Pioneros: Documentary Series featuring Pura Belpré: Storyteller, A Revolt through Letters: Clemente Soto Vélez, the Legacy of Frank Bonilla, and Plena is Song; Plena is work. The documentaries tell the stories of important pioneers of the Puerto Rican diaspora. Each documentary has an accompanying teaching guide available online.

History of Puerto Ricans in the U.S. (Open courseware)
Open courseware makes core teaching materials available online. Our online course Teaching U.S. Puerto Rican History includes a comprehensive overview of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States, incorporating the most recent scholarship on the subject.

Puerto Rican Heritage Poster Series
Our poster series documents the history of Puerto Rican migration and the experiences and contributions of Puerto Ricans to U.S. society. The seven posters provide an attractive visual educational tool for teachers, professionals, and anyone interested in the great history of Puerto Rico. These posters are complementary to the courseware. 

Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Brief Chronology
This booklet, based on the poster series described above, provides a complementary educational tool for teachers and others to use in the classroom or community settings, and to introduce students to major events, themes and concepts that are important to understand Puerto Rican history. The chronology also accompanies the courseware.

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