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Dr. Georgina Falú narrates her achievements and challenges as an entrepreneur, educator and scholar who has dedicated her work to advance two biggest causes, the human and economic development of the Latino community and the dissemination and recognition of the African history and heritage. Dr. Falú migrated to New York City in the late 1980’s and by 1988 created the Falú Foundation, organization that introduced the use of technology and computers as a means to bring economic development to the Latino and minority communities of East Harlem. The scholar discusses her biggest struggles with gender discrimination and racism that she experienced in “different fronts” especially when trying to implement a Black Studies and African heritage agenda in the Puerto Rican and American educational systems. Dr. Falú also addresses the path towards her biggest accomplishments such as becoming the first female Dean of the University of Puerto Rico, her protagonist involvement in the creation of the Afro-Latinos of the Americas Project (AFORLAA), helping thousands of Puerto Ricans and Latinos to get and secure jobs, and becoming a community advocate for El Barrio. Dr. Falú’s story reflects the developments of the Afro-Boricua identity, the empowerment of the Puerto Rican and Latino community in the United States, and the challenges and advancements of a Puerto Rican woman within the academic realm.

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