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The Centro eJournal seeks to advance and provide new digital humanities resources alongside with new approaches to scholarship to attract new audiences.


Centro eJournal is pleased to announce its first publication:

The Puerto Rican Experience in the U.S. Military:
A Century of Unheralded Service

Puerto Ricans started fighting as auxiliary forces to the U.S. military in 1898. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans have served in every small and major conflict in which the United States has participated. This publication intends to show the scope of the Puerto Rican experience in the U.S. military without lionizing nor demeaning it. This project hopes to inspire the public and scholars to look into this under-studied phenomenon.

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Upcoming this fall will be the second publication: Puerto Rican Soundscapes: Root, Jazz and Classical Music, an audio-visual project containing lectures, text and music videos on these three areas of music research that will inform and sensitize interested individuals to various artistic expressions in Puerto Rican music within the broader context of North American influences.

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies advances its web presence by providing new online scholarship and welcoming new partnerships and expanding our network around the country.