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Young Leader Unites Students in Puerto Rico

Jose Luis Rivera

Angélica N. Martínez Miró

The National Puerto Rican Student Coalition (NPRSC) has done incredible work uniting young Puerto Ricans leaders from across the nation, particularly bridging relationships between the youth in Puerto Rico and the Diaspora. We had the opportunity to speak with Angélica N. Martínez Miró, Cultural Ambassador and NPRSC-Puerto Rico Chapter President. She has taken a leading role in Puerto Rico representing young student leaders from Puerto Rico’s public and private universities. Angélica has brought together a team of very talented student leaders from across the Island. This is what Angélica Martínez had to say: 

“My name is Angelica N. Martínez Miró, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I did all my elementary education at the Baptist Academy in Puerto Nuevo, where I graduated from high school in May 2013. I completed my higher education studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus in December 2018, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Human Resources and a minor in Business Communication.

"During my time in college, I participated in extraordinary educational experiences and enriching extracurricular involvements which became essential tools in my personal and professional development. At the same time, I worked with different companies on and off the Island where I learned valuable skills. Currently, I am in the evaluation process of graduate schools and programs to further my knowledge and skills. My priority is expanding my education in an institution of excellence that allows me to achieve my academic and professional goals while offering the best of my abilities and talents at the service of my people. 

"In June 2019, I was offered the opportunity to participate in Centro's Youth Leadership Encuentro, co-hosted by the NPRSC in New York City. In the meeting, the participants were divided by regions, and being from Puerto Rico, I was entrusted with the responsibility of being the liaison between the students of the diaspora and those of the Island. This Encuentro provided me with extraordinary opportunities to further my educational and professional growth. I visited different universities in different states to present the NPRSC Puerto Rico project. These efforts gave me a space to meet extraordinary people who work for Puerto Rico in different sectors; students and professionals committed to tackling the current challenges of the Island. 

"In August 2019, the first Centro’s Youth Leadership Encuentro was held on the Island, where we had 60-80 student leaders from universities and high schools around the Island. The purpose of this Encuentro in Puerto Rico was to convene talented student leaders from across the Island that can collaborate and work together to build a better future for Puerto Rico. There was great participation of young leaders committed to making a difference and contribute to the construction of a Puerto Rico full of educational and professional opportunities offering a promising future.

"The main priority for the Puerto Rico chapter is education. Another important priority is expanding development and growth opportunities for young leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship. We aspire to carry a message that brings change for Puerto Rico and raises awareness of our priorities as young leaders, particularly defending and emphasizing the importance of the public education system. We use social media, interviews, conferences to achieve this goal. At the same time, we want to influence the work of the education system and legislative power to bring about significant changes to Puerto Rico. We passionately believe in the possibility of change, and to achieve this, we must take the first step. We want to be the change Puerto Rico needs, right now!”

Angélica has inspired young Puerto Rican leaders on the Island. With her leadership and professional experience, she aspires to bring change and secure a promising future for the public education system of Puerto Rico. NPRSC-Puerto Rico Chapter has created a series of programs that aim to educate and inform the public on important issues and challenges of Puerto Rican students in the Island. All these efforts reflect the outstanding leadership and extraordinary work of Puerto Rican students in the Island. This gives hope to foresee change and a better future for Puerto Rico. We are extremely proud of Angélica and her team.

On top of being the Puerto Rico Chapter President, Angélica is also a Centro Cultural Ambassador. For more information, click here.